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Thanks for flying with us and we hope you endure the flight

Just completed a flight to the mainland. I was in the crying baby section. The poor Mom was beside herself with embarrassment and apologizing to all around. But her 2-year old was not to be silenced. (I wanted console her by saying that he probably will have a great future in sports, judging by how hard and how long he was able to kick my seat from behind, but thought the better of it.)

Living on a group of islands that requires long flights whenever we want to visit another state, I can totally relate to how much our readers cringe at this part of their vacation. Let’s face it. Flying is no fun. Pay extra for your checked bags. Pay extra for bad food. Even pay extra for blankets on some airlines. Airplane captains must be the most optimistic people on the planet. Because they are always coming over the speakers inviting you to, “Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.” As many times as I’ve crossed the Pacific between Hawai‘i and the mainland, I can’t think of a single time I’ve seen anybody pull that one off.

So here’s where you should take comfort: When you think back later and remember the places you’ve been to and the people that you’ve met. The vistas you’ve seen and the experiences you’ve had. Odds are overwhelming that the plane ride won’t be part of your memory, no matter how bad it was. (Well, except for those people that landed in the Hudson River a few years back. I guess that memory dominated their experience.)

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What Readers Have to Say

“My husband and I love your books! I am positive we would not have enjoyed our trips to Kauai and Maui nearly as much without your advice. The restaurant guide alone justifies the cost of the book, and your clear directions based on mile markers have ensured we’ve never gotten (too) lost along the way… we don’t go anywhere on the islands without one. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve disagreed with your assessment of a restaurant or activity. Please keep up the excellent work. I only wish you wrote travel guides for the rest of the world!”

- M. Crawford