We Loved Your O’ahu Revealed Book

We loved your O’ahu Revealed book! It became our bible on our trip. I grew up on O’ahu, but haven’t been back for 35 years, and it was great having your inside knowledge to remind me and re-educate me. We did the Atlantis Submarine trip and Spirit of Aloha catamaran trip based on your reviews, and we loved both of them. One difference of opinion with your book: The Leeward Coast is much more unwelcoming and overridden with homeless encampments than your 2017 book indicates. You provide very entertaining stories and context to this very hard-scrabble area, but say the homeless encampments are gone. They aren’t. They are at every single beach we drove by on the way to Makaha, except Makaha itself. There is a HUGE encampment at one of the beaches mid-way – no sign, so not sure which one it is, but you can’t miss it from the road. The day we took that drive, no one was at any beach aside from the homeless tent-dwellers except for Makaha. The many, many closed businesses and seemingly abandoned homes makes this drive less than enjoyable. As I said, I grew up on the island, and while that area always had a reputation for roughness, my friends and I still went to the beautiful beaches there. It’s a far cry from what it was.

What Readers Have to Say

“I just wanted to say I just got back from a trip to Maui and this being my 4th trip I decided to get a guidebook thinking that I had already seen it all and it might have some useful information for me. I got Maui Revealed and I just want to thank you for all the tips and great information you all provided!! It was the best guidebook I have ever used and I travel a lot! I wish you had one for everywhere. Your recommendations for restaurants were spot on and the hidden sights were so accurate and easy to find!! I have never written a review to anyone but I felt so compelled to let you know how much I appreciated all the details and the format it was presented in. Thanks again!!!”

- M. Almada