Volcano Store

Stopped by Volcano Store to find Sunday supper. Not much to choose from so my husband and I popped over to adjoining cafe to see if they had take out. The female clerk at store followed us out & snarled at us to move our car. It was obvious we weren’t going to park there for hours because the cafe doesn’t open until 5:30. What a nasty woman. I wouldn’t buy anything from them if they were the only game in town. Horrible, junky place with foul-tempered employee.

What Readers Have to Say

“I spent a few weeks before our trip reading, highlighting and tabbing your book. It was a great resource and extremely accurate and helpful (although we thought breakfast at Tante’s was great)… Today we spent the day at Beach 69 (probably my favorite) and have had so many great days that I wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks for guiding myself, wife and 10 year old twin daughters through a fantastic 10 days.”

- M. Andreoli, OK