This Book Was The Perfect Guide

This book was the perfect guide for our trip! My husband and I loved everything about this book for our honeymoon vacation. We used the “dining” portion of the book every time we went out to eat. After reading about the restaurant Cheeseburger in Paradise, I was thinking that we would pass on that restaurant. My husband insisted on giving it a try anyway and we had an unfortunate experience. He ordered a macaroni and cheese burger that had all the ingredients he could have (he’s allergic to mushrooms). He received a steak burger instead (that had mushrooms on it). After we waved down our waiter to exchange our food, he received his mac and cheeseburger. On his last bite, he looked very worried and began to grow very silent. He stated that “the last bite tasted like A1 sauce.” Instead of receiving a new burger, the old burger was simply scraped off and used again for the new mac and cheeseburger. He was sick the entire night and following morning.

What Readers Have to Say

“Your travel guides are excellent and clearly outpace the competition. I have not seen any other book about Hawaii that would have the slightest chance to even come close. I explored all islands in 2000 for 4 weeks and shorter trips over the few last years with the help of all your books.”

- T. Schnabel, CO