Sushi Rock Big Island

Sushi Rock (Hawi, Big Island)…wow! We are on the big island for 10 days mostly eating out and this was by far the best meal we ate. We are people who like good food without being super fanatical and home town for us is Portland, Oregon so really good food has a habit of just falling in front of us and we eat it and it’s great. This was not just the best meal of our trip but maybe of the last year. First we had miso and seaweed salad, the miso was truly the best we’ve ever had, the salad fresh and very generously portioned. Next we had two rolls – Makai, an ahi roll with macadamia nuts that was fresh and delicious with some lovely subtle flavors. Then the ‘Pipeline’ roll – ahi, unagi, shiitake mushrooms and then wrapped in tender, lightly seared steak. This was an outstanding combination that really got the umami receptors going! We finished with one of the most unique (and satisfying) desserts we’ve ever had, a Sweet Potato Cheesecake. Yes you read that right. We were told the sweet potato takes the place of about half of the cream cheese and the combination is divine. If you like desert but are not a fan of being slapped in the face with a sack of sugar, this is the desert for you.

As if all that foodie goodness was not enough, the staff were an absolute delight!

Go here, you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. Get a side of fresh wasabi made right from the root, the only downside of eating this is that you’ll never want to go back to regular powdered wasabi again 🙂

What Readers Have to Say

“Never thought we could enjoy a place the way we did Hawaii. On each and every trip we had your book (we now call our blue bible) with us. Thank you.”

- R. Harper, CA