Jim McCormick

The wife bought your guide book. We planned our 30th wedding anniversary trip based on the 4th Edition Oahu revealed book.

The Atlantis sub trip was neat. Comment to add to your next book. The fellow who did the talking mentioned that there are usually several turtles earlier in the day. We did an afternoon dive, but still got to see a turtle on the wreck.

Driving back and forth from Turtle Bay (which is worth spending the extra money to get away from the crowed Waikiki area) in our rented convertible (yes a convertible is worth it) we found this Pub that served huge fresh burgers with great fries. They gave us the best value for money spent on the whole trip. You should add them into your book. We stopped there 2x during our trip. Left very full each time. Beer selection was enormous too. Being from Wisconsin, we felt very comfortable there.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim McCormick
P.S. Now the wife wants to move there:)

What Readers Have to Say

“I just had to write this thank you to you for the wonderful guide books: Oahu Revealed and Hawaii the Big Island Revealed. I recently went to Hawaii for the first time – my son and daughter-in-law took me…Your books were our guide – in fact my daughter-in-law had it continually on her lap in the car as my son drove us around. We went to the restaurants you recommended and were never disappointed – we avoided the ones you did not recommend. All your comments about places reflected our responses also. I loved your sense of humor – we became very involved with you through your books and talked several times of how you had made our trip perfect. You guys are great and this is one very happy fan of yours – thanks again for a fabulous trip.”

- A. Goodwin, WA