Book was invaluable on our trip to Oahu.

Book was invaluable on our trip to Oahu. Did some things we never would have done without your tips and pointers. Dragon’s Nostrils, Maunawili Falls were great. Breakfast at Mokes (don’t know how to do the accent mark) was outstanding. Also enjoyed the Island Grill in Kailua. Loved the East side of the island…was a surprise because most people know Waikiki and the big waves on the north shore. But here’s something I think you should know and emphasize in your book (you only briefly mention this in the basics at the beginning.) We were a party of 6 and had rented a minivan – Dodge Caravan (this is important.) We were transitioning part way through our trip from Lanikai to the North Shore. Having 2 kids in the car and an hour drive, we stopped at Dole Plantation, which was kind of cute. HOWEVER, our car was completely robbed of all our luggage in the Dole Parking Lot, in sight of the main door. Yes, there are signs posted, so shame on us. However, when the police came out, they chided the Dole security team, saying “Why are we coming out here everyday? What are you people going to do about this problem.” After we were robbed, and continued north, then we saw a big road side sign talking about car security and thieves. Apparently the thieves pop a Dodge Caravan’s driver side lock in seconds. Google that and please advise people to stay away from Dodge Caravans. Also don’t let the kiddie, Disneylike atmosphere at the brightly lit and aromatic Dole gift shop lull you into a false sense of security. The security guards informed us they were there not to protect the customer’s vehicles or customers themselves, they were there to ensure there was not rowdy behavior in the maze. (Really?) We were also told by many residents of the island that the trunk is NOT secure. The bad guys are everywhere and they watch for this. Most locals advised leaving the doors unlocked on your vehicle so the windows wouldn’t get smashed. Every single person we talked to who lived on the North Shore (we were at a local wedding) had been robbed. But, even they were surprised that this happened at Dole Plantation (no cameras there either.)

What Readers Have to Say

“I am a tour guide here on the big island and I must say that your book is one of the best out there. A LOT of my material comes from it when telling guests about the island. In fact, I even pull the book out on occasion to help them find what they are looking for.”

- Aurthur, HI