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Second Book of Hawaii Revealed

Traveler on hike through the mountains of Oahu, Hawaii.

This is the second book of Hawaii Revealed that I purchased and you’re simply the best! I love the hidden places you suggest and the variety of activities for all sorts of travel budgets. You researched so thoroughly every single thing you are writing about and I love the little tales and stories you include about the places you went to.

I ended up doing a bunch of hikes on the island and I’d have some suggestions about paths to add to your book as well as more great places to replenish your levels of energy. If you’re interested in more information of what I added to my personal Best Of Oahu, feel free to contact me.

Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to discover the remaining islands 🙂

What Readers Have to Say

“First I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you do on your books. My wife and I have been to Hawaii six times and we have planned a seventh this year. We have never been to any Hawaiian Island without your books, I guess we were lucky in starting with your books. We also recommend them to friends who are going, my wife has also insisted to strangers that are visiting Hawaii that they Must have your book. Again, Thank You… You have made our trips enjoyable by your honest opinions and suggestions.”

- W. & D. Berger