Our First Trip to Hawaii

Our first trip to Hawaii was to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and we liked it so much we reserved a condo on the Big Island for our 51st for a full month and we enjoyed this trip even more with the help of the” Big Island Revealed”. Our third visit had to be postponed a year but we already have this same condo reserved for April 2019.
We did a lot on both trips … and yes, we used’ Maui and Oahu Revealed” in 2016. On the Big Island we stayed right on the beach at Kona Bali Kai which provides advantages in weather and is central to getting all over the island quickly. And we did … drove to all the attractions and sometimes more than once.

If we were to pick on key thing we did on the Big Island that was the most fun it was the night swim with the Manta Rays! And a repeat of our experience is definitely in our plans for 2019. We selected the charter with the high speed pontoon ride to the location and luckily arrived early while it was still daylight because the waves were higher than expected and the seas looked more ominous than we anticipated and we were both thinking ‘who’s idea was this’?

Joan said it was my idea and I owed it to her after 51 years to lead the way so once I had my protective wet suit on and adjusted I jumped figuring to get it over with. Once in the water I discovered the waves did not immediately pull me out further to sea and the sharks and sticking my face mask face into the water almost immediately I was mesmerized by the scene spread out below … small fish and other swimmers far below … 70 feet we learned … and some with tanks for extended stays. And soon, baby Manta Rays … or what I thought at the time were small Manta Rays.

After maybe a half hour the skies darkened and I coached Joan to join me and the guide jumped in with us with a large circular platform for us swimmers to hand onto that contained lights to attack the rays. Soon the little Manta Rays were swimming in circles round and round but perpendicular to the bottom and top and these critters turned out to be HUGE and one did several small circles under me gathering in the plankton which is what they were really after and within inches of my widening eyes. An incredible experience and our two hours went by all too quickly.

I can write more … if fact I already did separately in a gmail document I put together after our two trips of all the wonderful experiences we had together on the Big Island, Maui and Oahu in 2016 and 2017.

What Readers Have to Say

“We wanted to let you know that your fantastic guidebook and mobile app were so valuable for us on our recent trip to Kauai. My wife and I were just there for a week to celebrate our 10th anniversary and the insights you provided really helped us get the most out of our time. Additionally, the mobile app was – by far – one of the most helpful I’ve ever used.”

- M. & C. Kurtz