Maui Revealed nailed it!

Our family of five decided to take our first, our probably only, vacation/adventure in Hawaii and we needed advice. Our friend who recently returned from Maui recommended Maui Revealed. We studied the book like crazy, used the app and completely followed their advice on lodging, activities & dining.

Maui Revealed nailed it! The condos were perfect, the restaurants were great, the activities were awesome and the tips/suggestions led us to places we never would have found any other way!

Don’t waste your time trying to out-smart them. Just follow their suggestions and you will have a great time in paradise.

What Readers Have to Say

“We had an amazing time in Maui, and saw sights we never would have otherwise. There are so many good tips we found that I won’t even start to list them. Believe me when I say that your book made our vacation what it was… Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!!!”

- S. & M. Brush