Makauwahi Cave

I drove out to the Makauwahi Cave yesterday. The cave is interesting though to get through the opening you do need to be a little flexible as it’s not that large. Either crouching or on hands and knees. Though I wasn’t there for the beach Gillian’s beach does look nice and was not crowded at all. One piece of advice the docent at the cave gave is that he advises people to park at the stables an walk from there. I’m sure the stable owners won’t be too happy about that but unless you have an SUV you will have to endure a 1-2 mph knuckle and chassie scraper to reach the parking area.
I also went to the McBryde Garden. It’s a very nice place and if you really want to see it completely take a more leisurely 2 hours to do so. Last pickup is at 5 PM so plan accordingly if you arrive late in the day. The Origin of Life trail is interesting and educational and the Spice of Life trail, though short, is quite thick an jungley and under the right conditions even a little eerie.

What Readers Have to Say

“The apps AND books really helped us maximize our travel experience. We used the app while out and about — very user friendly. Once on Kauai I tried Google maps which frustrated us. Then I used the app with tracking and directions function. It worked better than my map and didn’t drain my battery nearly as much as nav apps usually do.”

- D. Anthony