Lahaina Late Lunch

We were in Lahaina for a show and wanted to grab a late lunch. We usually only eat at restaurants that you have reviewed and awarded an ONO. One of our traveling companions is pretty strict about that!! We only have so many meals to eat in Maui so why take a chance on a restaurant, right? Today however, circumstances aligned themselves for us to select Lahaina Fish Co. I asked about appetizers and the waitress said that the calamari might work. We ordered it. Then we placed a second order. Then a third. No joke…it’s the best calamari that we have ever eaten. It’s soft and buttery inside, and has a crisp yummy coating outside. It’s possible that the crust is just a tiniest bit oily, but in a good way. The tarter sauce is homemade (I’m sure of it) and we ordered extra of that too. We also enjoyed the kale slaw with papaya vinaigrette dressing. Outstanding! Others at the table ordered the seafood chowder, poke salad and another entree salad with grilled fish and all were enjoyed. It’s a nice location on the water, and the wait staff was quite friendly. Personally, I think that dinner is spendy for the atmosphere, but the fact that lunch is served until 4:00 made it a perfect value stop for us today. We will be sure to go for calamari the next time that we are on the island, and hope that the experience will be the same. Thank you!

What Readers Have to Say

“Hey I never write fan letters, but I simply *had* to let you guys know how much your book enriched my trip
to Maui this past week. I saw and did things I would otherwise never even have KNOWN to try, thanks to you. And anybody who makes the journey to Hana without your book is wasting the trip. I’m a reporter, and have pretty exacting standards for both accuracy and style, and you guys get very high marks for both… readable, honest, easy to follow your road directions, and just the right amount of attitude. I *really* appreciate the obvious care, effort, and skill that went into Maui Revealed, and wanted to let you know WHAT a big help it was. Thanks again.”

- C. Chandler, KY