Just Got Back From Maui

Just got back from Maui where the condo we rented had a copy of your great guide. Our kids diligently studied it every day to chose beaches and snorkeling spots to visit. We wanted to add in a great restaurant: Kula Bistro. Giant portions that were well priced and delicious (and we are serious food snobs). Perfect spot to renew after our grueling Haleakula hike!

What Readers Have to Say

“One word–GREAT–ok–actually more that just one word… Freakin’ GREAT! Your books and writing are out of this world! Your writing is FANTASTIC and makes one feel as if they are there right at the moment! I normally hate reading guidebooks as they are normally very dry reading. I was reading at the beach and I just could NOT put the book down… and the details of all the side “trips” are unbelievable. I just had to write and tell you this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- S. Alperson, FL