Hawaii Revealed Changed My Life

Swimmer jumping off of a rock cliff and into the wavy ocean.

I like to say Hawaii Revealed changed my life even though that sounds dramatic. 🙂 I write romantic mysteries and was researching where to set my new series. I picked up Kauai Revealed and knew exactly where we wanted to stay. We booked a condo in the Poipu area (Kuhio Shores) and plunged into learning all about the island. Our adult kids went with us and decided to do some diving. Our daughter met her future husband at Fathom Five (recommended by Kauai Revealed) who was the divemaster/boat captain. Now we have a little grandson from them with another little guy due in a few weeks.

I wish you wrote travel books for everywhere we’ve traveled. You make us readers feel we know you and that we have the inside track to all the best spots. Your books have been invaluable–way better than any other travel guides I’ve ever bought. I recommend them all the time and have bought copies for friends who are going to the islands.

Here is a picture of our daughter jumping off the cliff at Shipwrecks. you can see her ponytail standing straight up. Since I could only attach one photo, this picture is such a great example of the free spirited fun you can have on Kauai.

What Readers Have to Say

“Thank you for your effort on the Maui book. I will be there Monday for the fourth vacation and each time gathered data to enjoy the next time. I learned more in the past day with your book than all other trips. A great book and I agree with your conclusions.”

- G. Kirkwood, WA