Hawaii Revealed Books Are Invaluable

This is our second trip to Hawaii (Oahu this time) last time Maui. We have used Hawaii Revealed books on both trips and they are invaluable to our trips. I had read about not bringing any bags or purses when visiting Pearl Harbor and was glad I had. I was one of the few ladies not having to go pay for a locker to lock up my stuff! The restaurants we went to that were recommended by the book were all great. The forever long line at Matsumoto’s Shave Ice on the North Shore was just like you wrote.
Thanks for helping make our vacations great. Next trip, the Big Island!

What Readers Have to Say

“My family just returned from a very successful vacation with a pack full of memories that I give you full credit for placing them within our reach… A short letter does not do justice to the invaluable help your book was for our vacation.”

- S. Boone