Foodies Rejoice

Foodies Rejoice!!
For those who decide to patiently persevere the very narrow county road to Kahakuloa Village, you will be greatly rewarded when you visit Julia’s – the lime green treehouse stand selling the most delicious Hawaiian treats. We stocked up on the fresh baked banana bread, lilikoi (passion fruit) butter and coconut candy. This might be my favorite tip in the entire book (6th edition, page 62). Mahalo Andrew!

What Readers Have to Say

“I am sure you get tons of emails like this one, but we had to share how much better our trip to Maui was last week because of your book. We definitely feel your book guided us to the best sights, sounds and eats on the island. Your pinpoint guides for the road to Hana made that experience so much better. On a funny note, we kept meeting up with the same 2 couples at different points of interest where no one else was. After the third time meeting up, we just said “Maui Revealed?” and they said “Yes.” On a vacation, time is very important and your book allowed us to make the best use of our time. You can’t put a price on that.”

- A. Dahl, CA