First Trip to Kauai

Story one: It was our first trip to Kauai ( second edition of the Kauai guidebook). There was an Iniki hurricane tape on the VCR. Everybody seemed to have new roofs on their houses. My wife and I, with our then not quite one year old daughter, are on the Kalalau trail, on the trip to the falls. The baby, in her brand new, ‘top of the line’, baby backpack, sleeps most of the way to the falls. The cold water on the sketchy crossings woke her up. She got to see all the people make sure she was in many safe hands on those crossings. Dad (me) was focused and had no problems, but a dozen life guards as backup was nice. After that the baby said “hi” to every person we passed all the way back to the trail head. It was a busy weekend. I mean everybody. Two or three hundred easily. Those who didn’t say “hi” back, got a loud repeat “hi”reply. She was very determined that everybody answered politely.
Story two: Four years later, it was our first full day on Kauai. We decide to do the Sleeping Giant trail with an early start. It was a typical hike on that trail, when you start early; wet, dry, chilly, hot, foggy, and as always challenging in spots. Our now, just turned five year old daughter, was in the same baby backpack as in story one. After the sometimes tricky hike, and one accidental side trip to a cliff, we get to the top. When we got there, and while I was in good physical condition, my lungs were in serious pain.. So I took the kid out of the backpack, and said; “you are walking now”. Later that day, after washing the backpack, we went to the beach, and gave it away to a couple with a toddler. The little one made all the rest of the hikes we made on the trip, at her pace of course, one as long as ten miles, with having to be carried, or without a complaint. She was a born hiker. Still is at 21.

What Readers Have to Say

“My husband and I just recently spent two weeks in Hawaii in Maui, Hawaii and Oahu…Thanks for making our trip really enjoyable and we will tell everyone that they can’t visit the Islands without having them “revealed.”

- T. Kowsaluk