First Time I’ve Seen This Book/Website

This is the first time I’ve seen this book/website. It is awesome !! I plan to purchase the latest edition. I travel to Hawaii every year. 2 years ago we stayed at “Lahaina Shores Beach Resort”. Your review of this Hotel left out one VERY important amenity: “Lahaina Shores” is the ONLY beachfront hotel/resort in Lahaina within walking distance to Restaurants, shops..etc. No need for a car when staying at this place. All other beachfront resorts in Lahaina will require a car to access Lahaina Town. This hotel was built in 1974. Lahaina was declared a “historic city” in 1976, and No more building on the beach was permitted. 1 & only.

What Readers Have to Say

“I do quite a bit of traveling, and find that your books on the islands are simply the best. They are accurate, and enable us to find things that we would not normally discover with any other travel guides. Thanks again for such great books.”

- J. Nisker, CA