Big Island

We’ve been to the Big Island 4 times over the last 10-12 years and absolutely love it. Hapuna Beach has always been our favorite beach with a long, deep sand beach and normally gentle surf; good for so-so swimmers like us. Anyway, we were really surprised when we visited Hapuna late in February of this year. The beach had shrunk considerably in depth and the surf was REALLY heavy. The water was so high on the beach you couldn’t even walk around the rocks at mid point so the beach in front of the hotel was not accessible from the public end without swimming for it in heavy surf. The lifeguard said they’d had a big storm in January and it had taken a lot of the sand away. Hopefully the sands will return but for now Hapuna is definitely less “friendly” but it is still very beautiful and worth a visit, particularly for surfers.

What Readers Have to Say

“I Googled ‘best guidebook for Kauai’ and this one came up. I ordered it off Amazon and I’m a quarter way through reading it, dog-earing and highlighting things I think we’d want to see/do (which is pretty much every single page). I’ll be reading in bed and my husband will ask what I’m laughing at…it’s the book! It’s hilarious! Kind of funny I’m laughing more reading a guidebook than I do at a comedy tv show. It’s also incredibly informative and it’s already been invaluable. Just wanted to say thanks, Mr. Doughty, for writing this and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. It’s been a lot of fun already. We can’t wait to go! ”

- R. Tinsley