Best Shave Ice on Kauai

Best Shave Ice on Kauai- hands down!!!
We just returned from another trip to Kauai. Having a sweet tooth like I do, I am a foodie when it comes to the best shave ice. For the last few years we have purchased many creations from HeeFat’sin Kapa’a.
Much to my complete surprise and joy this year they were serving CHILLED natural fruit syrups!!!!! They also offered many unique combinations with the natural fruit syrups, and we ended up stopping there five times during our visit. We also learned by visiting with the staff all week that they donate a significant portion of their profits to the local charter school as well. What a great reason to support the local economy as well. So on your next visit and you need a sweet fix for a good cause, stop on by!

What Readers Have to Say

“I own all of your guidebooks and purchase the new editions as soon as they are available. My daughter caught me reading “Maui Revealed” AGAIN recently. “Don’t you have it memorized yet?!” she asked. The truth is they are the most entertaining, well-organized, thorough, and beautiful guidebooks out there.”

- Dr. A. Barrow, AK