Best Banana Bread

May have uncovered some information for your debate about where the best banana bread is on the Hwy to Hana. Had a tour bus driver named Doug who claimed that his parents owned/operated the Halfway To Hana stand. He claimed he was raised at the house behind the stand. He said his parents originally were business partners with a woman named Sandy. Sandy eventually broke away from the partnership to start her own stand on the Hwy to Hana (Aunty Sandy’s), but uses the same banana bread recipe. This may be why your review of the two is “neck and neck”.
On a side note, we found the snorkelling at Napili Beach was quite good. More fish and more variety of fish than anywhere else that we snorkelled. Also saw turtles here including a big male who was eating in one of the rock pools on the south end of the beach.
All this was during our March/April 2017 trip to Maui. Very glad to have your book which saved us time and money. Strongly recommend it.

What Readers Have to Say

“I am sure you have heard this a million times, but I wanted to say thanks for all the pertinent information gathered in your book of The Big Island Revealed. While being co-pilot, I read the entire book from cover to cover as we drove over 1,000 miles through this fabulous island…Your comedic snippets, anonymous reviews, and comprehensive historical perspectives were insightful and fascinating…we covered all directional points. We even risked taking the 4WD down some long stretches, but all “out of the way” spots noted were precise, and the beaches we landed on were always spectacular (and private). Your book was invaluable and I was raving to all my friends about what a treasure trove your book is. Some family members are off to Kauai end of this month and I said to pack light, but make sure you have your blue book in tow.”

- H. Rasnick