Mendes Ranch

Mendes Ranch (871–5222) has a pretty nice ride on their beautiful ranch in West Maui. It’s about 2 hours of riding followed by a BBQ lunch (for an extra $15) back at the stables. They ride up to a spectacular overlook of Waihe‘e Valley, then head to the ocean for more good views. It’s a nose-to-tail ride (on sad and tired-looking horses) with only two very short runs allowed. (But hey, running is hard to come by on Maui rides.) Guides range from helpful and friendly to aloof. In all, a good trip for $110. Our only complaint is that they make outrageous and false claims to get you in, and it’s really not necessary. For instance, their brochure says (and has for years) that you’ll “gaze down into Eki Crater to view some of Maui’s largest waterfalls.” Well, Eke Crater is at 4,400 feet elevation, near the center of West Maui. Wow, what a view that would be! On the phone they say you’ll ride up to 3,000 feet. Hmm, still pretty awesome. The guide says you’ll make it to 2,000 feet. The reality? You go to 1,000 feet. C’mon, guys, just be accurate. The ride is good enough without the inflated claims. On Hwy 340 at 7 mile marker.

What Readers Have to Say

“First of all, your books are fantastic… dead on with your tips, suggestions and opinions. : ) Second, thank you for your ideas of the Four Seasons and dinner on the beach. It was a HUGE success and a great treat for my husband and me. Thank you!”

- J. Johnson, CO