Good Food is essential for the perfect trip. 

By their very nature, restaurant reviews are the most subjective part of any guidebook. Nothing strains the credibility of an app more. No matter what we say, if you eat at enough restaurants here, you will eventually have a dining experience directly in conflict with what this app leads you to believe. All it takes is one person to wreck what is usually a good meal.

You’ve probably had an experience where a friend referred you to a restaurant using reverent terms, indicating that you were about to experience dining ecstasy. And, of course, when you go there, the food is awful and the waiter is a jerk. We truly hope that our reviews match your experience.

What can you find in the Hawaii Revealed app?

Oahu Restaurants filtered by cuisine. Some of the restaurants are:

American Restaurants

  • 12th Avenue Grill
  • 3660 on the Rise
  • A place to Eat

Chinese Restaurants

  • Alan Wong’s
  • Ama’ama
  • Big Wave Shrimp

Filipino Restaurants

  • Maunakea Marketplace

French Restaurants

  • Chef Mavro
  • Cream Pot

Indian Restaurants

  • Fiji Market & Curry Kitchen

Vietnamese Restaurants

  • Lemongrass Vietnamese & Thai Cuisine
  • Duc’s Bistro

The Pig & The Lady

We don’t know why the swine got top billing over the lady. Not as pork-heavy as the name leads you to assume; in fact, there are few dishes with meat. It’s primarily Vietnamese with inspiration from across the Pacific Rim. The vegetable pho is very good but not exactly authentic—they definitely put their own spin on things. Experimenting with flavours and combinations is a hallmark of this trendy Chinatown restaurant, so ask for recommendations—they’ll talk you through the menu and give honest assessments based on your likes and dislikes. The LFC (Laotian Fried Chicken) is the only menu item that has never changed. It’s sweet and savory and spicy at the same time. Only three entrées on the dinner menu ($31–$35), and they can run out. Several appetizers or small plates are good for sharing, such as Samoan sweetbread or ahi on Spanish toast. They are as creative with the drink concoctions as they are with the menu. Might not be a good option for less adventurous diners, or if you’ve been out snorkelling and hiking all day and need something hearty—portions can be teeny. But if you’re looking for culinary excitement, this is it. For The Pig & the lady restaurant, there is no dress code, but most dress to impress. Reservations are a good idea. Closed Sunday. On N. King between Smith and Mauna Kea Street.

Best Restaurants in Waikiki

How to find the best restaurant in Oahu based on your preferences

You can find restaurants based on many criteria-based searches. Use the filters to find restaurants near you in Oahu. Filter through the many dining choices:

  • By Region
  • By Budget
  • By Cuisine
  • By Parking
  • By specific requests such as kid-friendly restaurants in Oahu, vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free options, sit-down bar, great view, ocean view and much more.

See how easy it is to find Italian restaurants with a great view in the Honolulu region, using our Hawaii Revealed App:

  1. Navigate to “Oahu Restaurants” in the app to see the complete list of restaurants on the island.
  2. Tap “Filter” in the bottom right-hand corner and choose the cuisine, region, and the “great view” filter.
  3. Based on the filters, the first result is Assaggio in Honolulu. Now you can see the details of this restaurant and read the review before you go.
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If you decide to visit the restaurant on your trip, you can also add the restaurant to your planner.

Oahu Restaurants

Most restaurants don’t care how you dress. A few discourage tank tops and bathing suits. Some restaurants have dress codes requiring resort wear, meaning covered shoes and collared shirts for men (nice shorts are usually OK), dressy sportswear or dresses for women. Only a few require jackets.

It’s legal to bring your own alcohol to restaurants in Hawai‘i, and many restaurants, especially inexpensive ones, have no objections to letting you BYOB.

Local food can be difficult to classify. Basically, local food combines Hawaiian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and several other types and is (not surprisingly) eaten mainly by locals.

Some restaurants have the annoying and presumptuous habit of including the tip on the bill automatically. Be on the alert for it, or you may double-tip. And what if you get horrible service and don’t want to tip? Then you’re left in the awkward position of making them remove it.

Using the island maps could be very useful to find restaurants near you.

Whether you are looking for the best places to eat in Oahu or fun places to eat in Oahu, you can use the app to find almost everything.

We use our own symbol to help you identify the best restaurants which we think you should definitely try out if you are in Oahu.

Here are some of the restaurants you can find in Oahu, we associate those with “Ono”

Find more info about the fun places to eat in Oahu using our app.

One of the better bargain hotels in Hilo. Rooms are clean and have complete kitchens. No phone in your room, but you can always use the one in the lobby. The coqui frog problem here is particularly noticeable and they will give you free earplugs, but some guests actually enjoy the sound. Free coffee, cakes and fruit in the morning. Friendly and helpful staff. An easy place to recommend.

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Our Favorite Restaurant Choices

  • 12th Avenue Grill
  • 3660 on the Rise
  • A place to Eat
  • Aloha Salads
  • Ama’ma
  • Eggs’n Things
  • Alan Wong’s
  • Halei’wa Joe’s at Haiku Gardens
  • Kua’ Aina Sandwich
  • Lucky Belly
  • Opal Thai
  • Seven Brothers at the Mill
  • The Cookie Corner
  • Yogur Story an Asian Bistro

There are a lot more Ono restaurants in Oahu where you can enjoy your dining with your friends, family or loved ones.

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Best Restaurants in Waikiki & Honolulu

Hula Grill Waikiki

On the second floor of the Outrigger Waikiki hotel, the restaurant has seating that mostly overlooks the beach. The atmosphere is breezy and relaxed, with bamboo and koa wood everywhere. A great spot to get breakfast if the buffet line at Duke’s downstairs is too long. (And it probably is….) All the classic meat, eggs and pancakes with a local twist. They don’t churn you through the way so many other Waikiki restaurants do, and they serve breakfast late, which is great if you want to start your day by going to the beach first. Breakfast and lunch prices are reasonable for what you get and where you’re getting it. Dinner (steak, seafood, salad) is far pricier. Good vegetarian options. Excellent service. $10–$15 for breakfast, $10–$26 for lunch, $25–$56 for dinner. You can also find it by strolling along the Royal-Moana stretch of Waikiki Beach.

Duke’s Waikiki

As legendary as its namesake here in the islands, Duke’s has the sort of dreamy atmosphere that’s synonymous with Waikiki, and it’s one of our favourite places to eat breakfast. Some of the tables overlook a pool, while others overlook the famous surf spot. (Duke Kahanamoku was the sport’s first ambassador, the guy who introduced surfing to the American mainland.) Most, however, overlook other tables. Get there close to their 7 a.m. opening time to get a coveted railing table. Koa wood is everywhere, and the ambiance, though it can get a bit loud and crowded, is pleasing.
As for the food, it’s dependably well prepared and generously portioned. Fresh fish, steak, pizzas, sandwiches and burgers. Many items have an Asian or Pacific twist. They make a decent mai tai, too. You can eat at the restaurant or the Barefoot Bar; each has separate menus. The breakfast buffet with an omelet station, at $18, is a no-brainer to recommend. What a great way to start the day! Lunch is either a $19 (plus beverages) buffet or off the menu for $12–$18. Dinner is $20–$36. Consider the fish sautéed and herb crusted—excellent! Try the huge hula pie for dessert. Reservations recommended for dinner. In the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort.

Local Island Foods

  1. Apples 
  2. Bananas–A smaller, denser, smoother texture than regular (Cavendish) bananas and a bit tangy.
  3. Barbecue sticks–Teriyaki-marinated pork, chicken or beef pieces barbecued and served on bamboo sticks.
  4. Bento–Japanese box lunch.
  5. Breadfruit–Melon-sized starchy fruit; served baked, deep fried, steamed or boiled. Definitely an acquired taste.
  6. Crackseed–Chinese-style spicy preserved fruits and seeds.

One of the popular Maui Island Restaurant:

Leilani’s on the Beach – American Cuisine – Maui Island

Two totally different menus and two totally different experiences. Downstairs, the Beachside Grill menu is a bargain, considering the location and setting vs. the price. The bar is popular and gets loud. The sriracha-guava chicken wings are tasty if overpriced, appetizer at the beachside setting. (Killer Hula Pie dessert.) You can order this menu at lunch or dinner. $16–$27. For the regular dinner menu upstairs at Leilani’s, it’s mostly steak, seafood and ribs for $23–$55. Usually good service and fairly good food, but with a tasty view, hence the ono. At Whalers Village. Often busy, reservations recommended, though they do reserve some space for walk-ins.

Hawaiian Restaurants

Find all about the Hawaiian Restaurants in our Hawaii Revealed App. You can filter the restaurant’s listings to find popular restaurants quickly. Do not forget to mark them as your favourites in the app for an easy reference.

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You can also find the following in our app:

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