Kauai Revealed - Updated Changes


Updates to 11th Edition

It happens every time. The day after we send the disks off to the printers for our brand new edition, somebody changes something that directly affects what we write. Several times we’ve e-mailed these changes to the printers. (It’s our only chance to yell that classic publisher line, Stop the presses!) But after the presses roll we’re left shaking our heads, saying, “Yeah, we know that changed. We’ll correct that in our next printing.” The internet is the next best thing to yanking back all the books in print and scribbling in the changes that always occur.

At Wizard Publications we continually strive to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information on the islands. We are the only publisher who updates our books every time we reprint them. So if you see the updates below already listed in the book you just bought, you may have a recent printing.

The updates below are for the 11th edition of The Ultimate Kauai GuidebookNote: all pages numbers refer to the printed edition of the book. Scroll down for updates to the 10th edition.

Temporary Updates:

  • UPDATE: The Highway past Hanalei is open as of June 17th, 2019 after more than a year of repairs. As a result, parks along the North Shore are accepting visitors (with some limitations). Ha‘ena State Park (which Ke‘e Beach is a part of) and Nāpali Coast State Park now accept a limited number of visitors, and if you want to visit, you’ll need to reserve spots in advance. Hawai‘i residents are not subject to these reservation requirements, but if you’re just visiting and want to stop by these parks, you’ll need to book in advance at gohaena.com and pay their $1 per person fee. If you’re driving in, parking also needs to be reserved in advance and costs $5 for parking until 12:30pm and another $5 for parking after 12:30pm. If you need to book a shuttle to the north shore, you can do so at kauainsshuttle.com. The shuttle runs from $2–$11 depending on where you want to go.”
  • Queen’s Bath (pages 99 & 106) this may be effectively closed off for now.
  • Camping at Ha‘ena State Park (page 102) there is no camping at the park until further notice.
  • The Historic Kilauea Stone Dam Hike (page 164) remains closed until further notice due to flood damage (they said it may be reopened sometime in 2020, but now they say it will take years). However, the Wai Koa Loop Trail (page 153) is open.
  • Pihea Trail (pages 97 & 152) has a hog fence put up with signs and a locked gate. This has confused some people. To the right the trail continues along the fence another mile to connect with the Alaka‘i Swamp Trail. To the left is very short but steep spur trail leading to Pihea Vista, your last chance to see Kalalau Valley.

General Information & Updates:

  • Koke’e and Waimea Canyon State Parks started charging a $5 parking fee per vehicle for out-of-state visitors. Pedestrians, motorcycle and moped riders will pay $1 per person.
  • Secret Tunnel to the North Shore (pages 64, 70 & 213), Jungle Hike (pages 64, 70, 167 & 168) and Hike to Blue Hole (page 217): The state has been working on the unpaved access road to here of late and they may have a locked gate during the week while they work on the road (not on weekends).
  • Kaua‘i Museum (page 44) phone number has changed to (808) 245-6931.
  • Greeters of Hawai‘i (page 46) no longer does airport lei greetings.
  • Captain Sundown (page 139 & 140) mornings trips are now $259 and they now take credit cards.
  • Na Pali Coast Hanalei (page 140) is now called Na Pali Coast Tours.
  • Kaua‘i Sea Tours (page 143 & 264) has changed their phone number to 808-335-5309.
  • Pohaku T’s (page 187) is closed.

Island Dining Updates:

  • Kintaro Restaurant suffered a fire on Oct 17, 2019, they will be closed until repairs can made.
  • Koloa Fish Market has moved to 3390 Poipu Road.
  • Shave Ice Tege Tege (also mentioned on page 60) is MIA for now. Rumor has it they may be opening someplace more permanent in Kapa‘a, but we searched high and low and have yet to find them.
  • Verdé’s phone number should be 808-320-7088.

Island Dining Closures:

  • 9th Island Sports Bar & Grill
  • Banandi 
  • Brick Oven Pizza in Kapa‘a is closed. Kalaheo location is still open.
  • Kalapaki Beach Hut
  • Kauai Grill
  • Kauai Pasta
  • Porky’s in Kapa‘a. Waimea location is still open.
  • Mailani Dinner Show

From the Where to Stay chapter:

  • Hanalei Colony Resort is closed until further notice. Please visit their website at www.hcr.com for more information.