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Hawaii is in the tropics and tropical weather is pretty much the same throughout the islands, right?

Uh, hate to burst your bubble but the weather is different on every island and varies considerably in different parts of each island. That’s because weather is hugely influenced by the size, shape and lay of the land. Weather is even effected by the age of the islands because of what time and erosion does to the shapes of the former volcanoes, and Hawaiian islands get younger as you get farther south and east. Since the wind (and any moisture it’s carrying) usually comes from the northeast, and since mountains cause air to rise, cool, condense and drop their rain, rainfall is much more pronounced on the northeast side of each island and usually absent on the southwest sides. But the shape of the mountains concentrates the rains in certain areas and shields other areas.

I know all this sounds daunting, but it’s easy to get a handle on this if you look at each island individually, because Hawaiian islands come in different shapes and sizes.

There are some things that are universal throughout the state, however. As far as temperatures are concerned, Hawaii is incredibly temperate. The average high during January is 79 °F, whereas our hottest time, late August/early September, has an average high of 85 °F. With humidity percentages usually in the 60s and low 70s and trade winds usually keeping things cool, Hawaii is usually pleasant. The exception are the extreme west sides, which are about 3 degrees hotter. (That might not sound like much, but you sure do notice it.) Night time temperatures usually drop 10–13 degrees, depending on your altitude.

Hawaii surface water temperatures range from a low of 74 °F in February to a high of 81 °F in October, with Maui and Big Island slightly warmer than Kauai and Oahu. Most people find this to be an ideal water temperature range.

Check out the weather description below for the island you plan to visit.

Hawaii Weather

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