5 Things to Do on Oahu for the Holidays

So, you’re on vacation in Hawai‘i and the holidays are just around the corner. Though there’s always plenty to do in the Aloha State, Christmas and the New Year get especially festive. From meeting Santa Claus at the beach to watching pro surfers duke it out in world class competitions, from running in charity marathons …
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Have you ever wondered what that bowl of purple stuff is at a luau. It’s called poi, and people have various reactions to it. Most likely there will be a short explanation of the various foods available, but they will probably breeze right past what poi actually is, and what it means to native Hawaiians. …
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How It Began

Sometime around 70 million years ago a cataclysmic rupture occurred in the Earth’s mantle, deep below the crust. A hot spot of liquid rock blasted through the Pacific plate like a giant cutting torch, forcing magma to the surface off the coast of Russia, forming the Emperor Seamounts. As the tectonic plate moved slowly over …
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Indigenous vs. Endemic

  Let’s talk terminology.  As we have mentioned in previous blogs, Hawai´i’s geographic isolation has produced some very unique life that is found nowhere else on the planet.  When visiting some of the areas where you can see this unique diversity, you will probably hear or read the words “indigenous” and “endemic” when describing the …
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What Readers Have to Say

“… We carted it around like our Bible and you were NEVER wrong. We weren’t led astray once… Bill wanted to make sure I emailed when we got back to thank you for the research you put into the book and for being so right all of the time. We decided we need a job like yours, eating and drinking and frolicking our way around paradise.”

- K. Iverson