About Hawaii Revealed:

What Makes Us Unique? Most travel publishers send a writer or writers to a given location for a few weeks to become “experts” and to compile information for guidebooks. To our knowledge, we at Wizard Publications are the only ones who actually live our books. We hike the trails, ride the boats, eat in the restaurants, explore the reefs and do the things we write about. It takes us two years, full time, to do a first edition book, and we visit places anonymously. We marvel at writers who can do it all in a couple of weeks staying in a hotel. Wow, they must be really fast. Our method, though it takes much longer, gives us the ability to tell-it-like-it-is in a way no one else can. We put in many long hours and doing all these activities is a burdensome grind. But we do it all for you—only for you. (Feel free to gag at this point.)

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