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I first came to the islands as a visitor and fell head-over-heels in love with Hawaii. I knew then and there that I wanted to live my life in the Islands.  And like many visitors, I bought several guides to do as much research as I could to my dream destination.  But in the process, I noticed that none of the guides seemed to speak to me. They were a chore to read through. And most importantly, none of their authors seemed to actually be living their books. So I sold all of my belongings and returned to the islands to live my dream and write with passion about Hawaii. During the research for my first Hawaiian guidebook I spent every penny I had (and quite a few pennies I didn’t have) to personally review all of the restaurants, boat companies, helicopters and scuba companies—pretty much everything I could think of—so I could compare them all honestly and anonymously for what I hoped would be my soon-to-be readers.

The first book took the travel industry by storm. (Well, that’s not exactly true. It was a very light breeze at first. The storm came a few years later.) Then came books for all the other major Hawaiian islands. I have gone from printing books on my own—paid for from credit card advances—storing them in my friend’s garage and in self-storage units, to publishing the most popular guides ever made for the Hawaiian Islands with millions of books in print. I’ve gone from checking every fact on my own, driving a car that had no working reverse gear (the trick is to park pointing uphill so you can roll back down), to heading a team of specially trained secret field operatives that are constantly scouring the islands in search of cool stuff. Ever the grueling taskmaster, I also force my team to do some of the things I don’t enjoy—such as creating GPS waypoints for all the mile markers on the island’s roads, so they appear accurately on our GPS-enabled smartphone apps.

You may run into me or one of my team: on a trail, in a restaurant or on a snorkel boat. You won’t know we’re there. (Everything is reviewed anonymously to insure we’re treated just like everyone else.) Just look for the guy typing on his phone. You may think he’s rudely texting, but in reality he’s taking notes on how good the boat crew is or the accuracy of the captain’s narration, or maybe simply how good the mai tais are. (Yes, this author loves to review mai tais.) We at Wizard Publications have a passion for exploring Hawaii. That includes the land, its people and the visitor companies that you pay your hard-earned money to. And we literally live to share it with you.


Andrew Doughty

Author, Hawaii Revealed series