Map of Where Lava was Last Flowing

U.S. Geological Survey Eruption Updates (official update site from the scientists that monitor the volcano)

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hotspots: Mantle Thermal Plumes

Kilauea Volcano

Loihi Volcano (Newest up-and-coming volcano)

Mauna Loa Volcano (Hawaii’s “other” volcano)

Movies of Kilauea

Pu’u O’o Crater Activity Live Image

Tropical Visions (Sells video tapes of some of the best Kilauea eruption footage we’ve ever seen)

University of Hawaii Volcano Web Site (Very comprehensive)

U.S. Geological Survey Home Page (lots of good info on all Hawaiian volcanoes)

U.S. Government shots of Kilauea from Space (Government posted space shots of “Significant Events” from around the world, such as volcano eruptions. Our volcanoes will only be there when they do something unusual, but it’s a very cool site nonetheless.)

Vog Measurement & Prediction

Volcano Watch (Archive of the weekly science articles that appear in the local newspaper)