Updates to 8th Edition

It happens every time. The day after we send the disks off to the printers for our brand new edition, somebody changes something that directly affects what we write. Several times we’ve e-mailed these changes to the printers. (It’s our only chance to yell that classic publisher line, Stop the presses!) But after the presses roll we’re left shaking our heads, saying, “Yeah, we know that changed. We’ll correct that in our next printing.” The internet is the next best thing to yanking back all the books in print and scribbling in the changes that always occur.

At Wizard Publications we continually strive to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information on the islands. We are the only publisher who updates our books every time we reprint them. So if you see the updates below already listed in the book you just bought, you may have a recent printing.

The updates below are for the 8th edition of Hawaii The Big Island Revealed. (For updates to the 7th edition, please scroll down.) Note: all pages numbers refer to the printed edition of the book. There are no longer any updates for earlier editions on this website.

Temporary Updates:

  • Lava Flow Activity—Please see our Volcano page for current information.

General Information & Updates:

  • Kealakekua Bay (pages 18, 69, 77, 178, 209, 211 & 222) if you use want to Google Maps’ directions to the bay they will take you down a small private road called, Makahiki Lane. This road has no outlet and no access to Kealakekua Bay. This is why our maps and app (our new app comes out in 2017) are your most reliable source for directions to this site and all the ones we list in our books.
  • Island RV (page 24) is no longer renting RVs. (Changed their name to Clark’s Hawaii Tours and only do tours.)
  • Rocking H (pages 207, 209, 223 & 225) is now called Big Island Watersports.

From the Island Dining chapter, the following restaurants have closed:

  • Bleu Cupcakery
  • Leilani Bakery

From the Island Dining chapter, the following restaurants have changed:

  • Amici Ristorante Italiano has moved to the Kona Country Club at 78-7000 Alii Dr. and changed their name to Amici Vista. The phone number is 322-9582. They will also be changing their menu.
  • Café Il Mondo has moved a few doors down to 45-3580 Mamane St. They now have a full bar so no more BYOB, and medium and large pizzas no longer have to be taken to go. They also now accept VISA and Mastercard.
  • Chill’n on the Bay the address should be 75-5699 Alii Dr.
  • Luquin’s Mexican Restaurant burned down after the building next door caught fire. They plan to rebuild.
  • Mi’s Italian Bistro has moved to 75-5770 Alii Dr. in Kailua-Kona and changed their name to Mi’s Waterfront Bistro. The phone number has also changed to 329-3880. We have not had a chance to review them in their new location.
  • The Three Fat Pigs has changed their name to The Koa Table and changed their menu. We haven’t had a chance to re-review them yet.
  • Fairmont Orchid’s Gathering of the Kings Lu‘au has changed. It is now called Hawai‘i Loa Lu‘au. Price has increased to $115.

Below are Updates to 7th Edition:

General Information & Updates:

  • Go! Airlines (page 22) is gone.
  • Happy Campers Hawaii (page 24) has closed.
  • Harper (page 24) is no longer renting RVs.
  • Pest Hotline (page 33) new number is 808-241-7135.
  • Baby’s Away (page 34) new number is 808-756-5800.
  • Barela Gallery (page 58) has closed.
  • Dunn Gallery (page 58) has closed.
  • Jourabchi (page 58) has moved to the Kings’ Shops.
  • Just Ukes (page 58) has closed.
  • Local Lizard and Friends (page 58) has closed.
  • Lighthouse Liquors (page 58) is closed.
  • Living Arts Gallery (page 58) has closed.
  • Pura Vida Gallery (page 58) has closed.
  • Bayview Coffee (page 69) has closed.
  • Kona Wine Market (page 74) has closed.
  • The Eclectic Craftsman (page 75) sadly is closed.
  • Hilo Hattie (page 75 & 122) has closed.
  • Hilo Homemade Ice Cream (page 111) is closed.
  • The Natural Lava Swimming Pool (page 115) is no longer open to the public.
  • World Botanical Gardens (page 126 & 227) has changed their name to Botanical World Adventures
  • Mauna Kea Summit Road (page 143) there’s some confusion as to whether 4WD vehicles are necessary to get to the top of Mauna Kea. Official-looking signs as well as the Visitor Center state that 4WD is required. Put simply, it’s not. And anyone who tells you otherwise is…incorrect. The state DLNR has confirmed to us that there is no legal prohibition against taking a regular car to the summit. 4WD is recommended, for reasons we state in the book. But if you have a regular car and you want to go, you have that right. Please let us know if you get hassled about it.
  • Queen’s Bath in Kaloko-Honokohau National Park (page 164) access is closed.
  • Ho‘okena Beach Park (page 169) camping fees are now $20 per night per person for out-of-state visitors.
  • Kona Eco Adventures (page 177 & 228) has closed.
  • Orchid Isle Bicycling (page 179) changed their name to Velissimo Cycling Destinations.
  • Hawaiian Pedals (page 179) changed their name to Kona Beach & Sports.
  • Mauna Kea Recreation Area aka Mauna Kea State Park (page 180) has a brand-new playground and restrooms which are open to the public. However, the cabins remain closed while undergoing renovations.
  • Ihu Nui (page 183) changed their phone number to 808-960-1424.
  • Strong Persuader (page 183) has a new phone number 808-896-3111.
  • Iolani Air Tour (page 192 & 193) is currently not operating.
  • Hawai‘i Forest & Trail (page 193 & 223) has moved their store to 73-5598 Olowalu St.
  • The Arch City Coastline trail (page 203) has been closed to the public.
  • Cowboys of Hawaii (page 207) is no longer in business (they’ve ridden into the sunset).
  • Big Island Canoes (page 208) is closed.
  • Hawai‘i Pack & Paddle (page 208) is also closed.
  • Aloha Kayak Co. (page 208 & 209) has opened a second location on Napoopoo Rd. and Napau Pl. closer to Kealakekua Bay. This is where all kayak rentals now take place. However, they no longer rent kayaks for use on Kealakekua Bay. Call them at 808-322-2868 for directions. The original location now handles guided tours only.
  • Adventures in Paradise (page 209) changed their phone number to 808-447-0080.
  • Kohala Ditch Adventures (page 210) has closed.
  • Lava Roy’s (page 213) is no longer in business.
  • Blue Sea Cruises (page 222 and 281) is no longer in business.
  • Hulakai (page 225) phone number should be 808-896-3141.
  • Big Island Eco Adventures (page 228) has closed.
  • Elite Property Management LLC (page 282) is no longer in business. This effects Kona Alii, Kona Makai and Kona Pacific condos. See review pages for suggested agents.

From the Island Dining chapter, the following restaurants have closed: 

  • Back to the ’50s Highway Fountain
  • Buns in the Sun
  • The Broiler
  • Café ‘Ohia
  • Coffees & Epicurea
  • Gio’s Gelato
  • Hamakua Fudge Shop
  • Hilo Homemade Ice Cream
  • Java on the Rock
  • Jolene’s Kau Kau Korner
  • Just Tacos Mexican Grill
  • Kirin Chinese Restaurant
  • KLA Snacktime
  • Kona Brothers Coffee
  • Lighthouse Delicatessen
  • Luquin’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Mahina Café
  • Merriman’s Mediterranean Café
  • Ocean Bar & Grill
  • Pescatore
  • Rapanui
  • Rosa’s Cantina & Sunset Grill
  • Tacos El Unico
  • Tante’s
  • Up Country Bakery & Café
  • Volcano Golf & Country Club

From the Island Dining chapter, the following restaurants have changed:

  • Hale I‘a Da Fish House the phone number should be 808-882-1052.
  • Hoppa On-Hoppa Off no longer does their nightly pub crawl.
  • Kona Brewing Co. & Brewpub is located at 74-5612 Pawai Pl.
  • Legends of the Pacific has changed names to Legends of Hawaii. Price has increased to $112 but now includes open bar.
  • Ocean Sushi moved across the street to 235 Keawe St. in Hilo.
  • Pine Tree Café is located at 73-4040 Hulikoa St. and its phone number is 808-327-1234.
  • Seaside Restaurant’s phone number has changed to 808-935–8825.
  • Woodshop Gallery & Café the café is temporarily closed for renovations. The gallery remains open.

From the Where To Stay chapter:

  • Chalet Kilauea Collection has changed their name to Kilauea Hospitality Group and they are undergoing renovations. We will review them again for our next edition.
  • Uncle Billy’s Hilo Bay Hotel was unable to find a way to renew their land lease and closed Feb. 1, 2016. Wishing them a fond aloha.