It’s our job to be on vacation, and it could be yours, too!

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Help wanted Yes, it’s a real job opening Wizard Publications Inc., the leading publisher of travel guides and apps for Hawaii, is seeking a qualified individual to work as an assistant to the author. Must be able to swim, snorkel, ride ATV’s, skydive, horseback ride, go to beaches, learn to (or know how to) SCUBA …
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Santa (and Hawaii Revealed) Spread Some Holiday Cheer on Kauai

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This week Santa took some time to come down from the North Pole to help us spread some holiday cheer and handout out a few of our guidebooks.  What a great welcome Santa got from all the visitors as well as the locals. We hear he’s still in Hawai‘i taking some time to get ready for his big night, so make …
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5 Things To Do On Maui During The Holidays

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There’s a saying in Hawai‘i: Maui No Ka Oi. It means that Maui is the best. If you like getting outside to experience what Hawai‘i has to offer, Maui does all of it very well. The same can arguably be said about the holidays on Maui. From the top of Haleakala to the reefs below …
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5 Things to Do on Oahu for the Holidays


  So, you’re on vacation in Hawai‘i and the holidays are just around the corner. Though there’s always plenty to do in the Aloha State, Chirstmas and the New Year get especially festive. From meeting Santa Claus at the beach to watching pro surfers duke it out in world class competitions, from running in charity …
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You’d never think rocks could cause this much trouble. But they did!

There is a legend in Hawaii that warns people not to take the volcanic rocks. The legend says that Madam Pele, Hawaii’s volcano goddess, will bring bad luck to anyone that removes them. Yet every year visitors do, some fully aware of the warning. They take them home and place them on their shelves and tables as a …
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Sound of Silence

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  In our Maui Revealed book, we highly recommend the Sliding Sands trail, which descends from the summit of Haleakala into the crater. This hike may be the closest thing to walking on a lunar landscape that any of us who aren’t named Buzz will ever experience. But there is another reason the Sliding Sands …
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What about island hopping?


Another question we frequently get is “what about island-hopping?” This is a tough call. A lot of people like the idea of being able to visit two or more of the islands while here. The reasons to do it are obvious: you get to see and experience another island, for a fairly minimal increase in …
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Which island should I pick?


It’s a question we get a lot: Which island should I pick? If you’ve never been to Hawai‘i before, picking which island to visit for the first time can be a challenge. They are all incredibly beautiful, but in very different ways. We’d love it if you bought all four of our guidebooks in order …
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Dog Rescued from earth crack in Volcano National Park

Ranger Arnold Nakata and Romeo

Ranger Arnold Nakata and Romeo. Photo courtesy of Volcano National Park Hawaii National Park, Hawai‘i – Search-and-rescue rangers safely extracted a pet dog from a 20-foot-deep earth crack in the national park on Sun., Oct. 4 around noon.   On Saturday evening, the owner of the dog was walking her two pet dogs off leash …
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What’s up with all these alerts?


The past few months have been more interesting than usual here in Hawaii. First we’ve had an unusually active hurricane system (a few close calls but no direct hits, thankfully). Then we faced threat of a tsunami due to an 8.3 magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile. And now scientists from the United States Geological Survey …
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What Readers Have to Say

“I have read my share of Maui books but this one was the most helpful! We almost wore out the condo copy. We purchased a new one in Ma’alaea to take with us so that each of our group had one. As we were purchasing the second copy, a gal leaned over and whispered that Maui Revealed was the best Maui book on the shelf today. You must be commended on such a detailed, fun to read, book. I always thought books should be written exactly like you have somehow managed to do, but always figured that no one, and I mean no one, would ever take the time to research and put all the details onto paper. I look forward to reading about the other islands. Thank you so much.”

- R. Fredericks, CA