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“Great App! Right on target. This App (and the book) REALLY simplified our planning and improved our visit. Thanks. 

- T. Baumer

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From breathtaking waterfalls and top-rated eateries to awesome adventures and sights, learn all there is to know about the Hawaii islands.

Carry details of the best hotels, activities, vendors, beaches and unknown local gems in your pocket.

The author of Hawaii Revealed, Andrew Doughty, took his love for all things Hawaii and created the ultimate Hawaii guidebooks.

“Last year a colleague lent me your guidebook. I literally had no need of a local guide. I used your book to find all of the best, secluded beaches. I hiked wonderful ridges and trails that only a local from that neighbourhood or someone who had your directions could find. Needless to say, once I found out a couple of months ago that I was returning, the first thing I did was to buy your book. I’ve already highlighted the pages for hikes and beaches I want to revisit or discover for the first time.” - T. Hogg

“I am a travel agent and I am finally going to Hawaii for the first time in April… I bought the Oahu and Kauai books last week to look into the island activities in a bit more detail. I have found your books to be incredible. You have answered many of my questions, and your unbiased reviews are so helpful in our decision making process… Not only is it easy to read, but it’s enjoyable, too!” - B. Cerny

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